Welcome to Matagorda County Navigation District #1 in Palacios, Texas.  The Navigation District serves its Customers and Taxpayers by maintaining and developing safe navigation and marine facilities in an efficient and cost effective manner.  Through this service, we work to stimulate economic development and the retention and creation of jobs in our District.

Port Profile

Matagorda County Navigation District #1
Port Director

Victor Martinez Jr. is a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, having spent much of his Coast Guard career managing human resources activities, including payroll, benefits, budgeting and purchasing for three USCG offices across the country. He also helped to manage USCG resources and response during the Deep Water Horizon response efforts in the Gulf Coast region, cleanup efforts in Northern California after the 2012 Japanese Tsunami and during Hurricane Katrina.  Mr. Martinez was most recently employed with Alcoa World Alumina in Point Comfort in the finance department. Mr. Martinez and his family currently reside in Ganado, Texas.

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