Matagorda County Navigation District No. 1

Welcome to the Port of Palacios

Local Industry


Barge traffic is on the increase at the Port of Palacios. The Gulf Intracoastal Waterway plays an integral part in the movement of cargo throughout the U.S. and bulk cargo transportation is the newest maritime enterprise to find a home on the Port.


The Port is home to two shipyards, both belong to Palacios Shipyard. Services offered include repair, refit, fabrication, and dry dock, as well as new construction.


In the last five years, manufacturing and fabrication have added to the diversification of Port commerce. Improvements added to the Port include a mobile paint building for barges, fabrication and welding platforms and a barge launch platform.


Since 1922, shrimping families head to the Bay and Gulf during “open season” despite continuing economic pressures on the traditions of the seafood industry. Over 7 million tons of shrimp were landed at the Port in 2012.

Local Weather
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Forecast July 23, 2024
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Ideal for Industry, Room to Grow

The Port of Palacios is located centrally between Houston, Austin and San Antonio on the Central Texas Coast. This makes it an ideal location to provide industrial partners access to major highways and waterways. The Port is served by the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway via the Palacios Channel, which is federally maintained at a 125-ft width and 14-ft depth. The harbor consists of four turning basins containing over 12,500 feet of well-maintained bulkhead dock.

Work with Us


Port Director Victor Martinez, Jr.

Victor Martinez Jr. is a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, having spent much of his Coast Guard career managing human resources activities, including payroll, benefits, budgeting and purchasing for three USCG offices across the country. He also helped to manage USCG resources and response during the Deep Water Horizon response efforts in the Gulf Coast region, cleanup efforts in Northern California after the 2012 Japanese Tsunami and during Hurricane Katrina. Mr. Martinez was most recently employed with Alcoa World Alumina in Point Comfort in the finance department. Mr. Martinez and his family currently reside in Ganado, Texas.